08 January 2010


This administration is proving to be soft on terrorism, which may resonate as much as “soft on communism” did years back. Thus far it cannot even bring itself to use the word “terrorism;” Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano refers to “man-caused disasters.” She is now going to deploy scanners to see through our underwear because the underpants bomber tried to blow up a plane in Detroit. Meanwhile he is being sent to the civilian judicial system rather than being treated as an enemy combatant and he’s already lawyered up.

Add to that Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who planned 9/11. He, along with other Guantanamo inmates, is being transferred to New York for prosecution, as though he were an ordinary American criminal rather than a mass murdering enemy of the United States. We’re also still closing Guantanamo with prisoners likely to be transferred to the US, and of course we’ve banned torture or any other irregular methods of questioning. Basically terrorist now have all the rights of an American citizen under this administration.

Meanwhile despite these accommodating policies and Obama’s speech in Cairo attempting to reconcile with the Muslim world, their war against us continues. But “we” no longer consider it a war; it’s just criminal activity now. If anything the war against us has intensified. We have had the murders committed by Major Hassan, the underpants bomber, the attempted attack on the NYC transit system, and the murder of several CIA agents in Afghanistan by a double agent for the other side, all in one year. Yet the CIA has been castrated and rendered ineffective by new “humane” policies.

In France by contrast, the response to the underpants bomber has been immediate. An Imam preaching hatred of the West was summarily deported, and scrutiny of flights and travelers mainly from Muslim countries has been increased- profiling without shame. When France has a more robust anti-terror policy than the U.S. you know something is really wrong. The bottom line is that the left cannot be trusted with our security.

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