20 January 2010


When the most liberal Democratic state in the union sends a Republican to the Senate, which it has not done since 1972, something clearly is up. Scott Brown’s comfortable victory sends a clear message to the most radical government in American history. The people do not want what the congress is trying to put over on them. Never in the history of the country has a radical congress tried to put across a major piece of legislation which a solid majority of people oppose. That is the case with the abominable health care overhaul, which was already bad before it descended into blatant deal-making with certain senators to provide their states with something others are not getting, and exempting the unions from a tax that will be foisted on everyone else. People have looked at this and decided that even what we have now is better than what is being proposed.

That this message resonates as far as Massachusetts indicates how strong feelings are about this congress. This election was clearly nationalized so there’s no doubting the meaning of the outcome. Democrats may find solace in the equally out-of-touch mainstream media, but the course they have chosen is clearly disastrous, no only for them but for the country. People don’t want a socialist America. They do not want a bloated government with ever increasing spending, deficits, and taxes. They do not want the government taking over health care. They do not want cap and trade legislation that will wreck the economy. In fact there is little on the agenda that they do want.

How can politicians be so tone-deaf? The answer is purely ideology. They have misread their majority as an endorsement for a radical agenda of every item on the left-wing wish list. The leadership is so dedicated to this that Pelosi and company will still try to push it forward even as party members drop away for fear of a tsunami of change that is certain to arrive this November. Hopefully the damage between now and then will be limited.

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