21 February 2009


Tomorrow is George Washington's birthday. It is a national disgrace that it is no longer celebrated as such. It has been folded into the irritating, commercial "Presidents Day." However, even though it has been moved to the third Monday in February, Washington's birthday is still the official holiday, although you'd never know it given the dismal lack of recognition.

George Washington was not only the greatest American, but probably the greatest political leader in history. He led this country through a miraculously successful war for independence, then retired from power, where a lesser man might have grabbed it for himself. He guided the new constitution into being and served as our first President, setting a great example and establishing precedents, and again surrendered power voluntarily. How different history would have been but for him. In America we owe him everything, yet children no longer learn our true history.

He deserves better treatment, and accordingly I am launching a campaign to properly restore Washington's birthday to its rightful place. I have registered a site, restorewashington.com, which is still being configured as I want to add a petition link to accomplish this, and will announce when it is ready. If we cannot properly honor our founding ancestors we do not deserve to continue.

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