28 February 2009


No I’m not referring to global warming, but the consequences of Obama’s new $645 billion carbon tax increase. This is a new and completely unnecessary element that will increase energy costs for everyone and permeate throughout the economy. If you think utility bills are high now, wait until this kicks in. It also takes energy to produce and transport everything we eat and use so the cost of everything will increase. Furthermore, it will trigger inflation, which could spiral out of control with the deficits now being established. This will hit senior citizens and those on fixed incomes the hardest. Sheep and cow belching produces more CO2 and methane than energy production does. Will they be taxed too? While Obama claims most of this will be returned to the people after the feds take a big chunk, the money will be targeted to the ”poor,” which won’t include you, so you will have less and less disposable income left.

Other tax changes and measures are designed to eviscerate the coal and petroleum industries, thus discouraging rather than encouraging the domestic production of oil. If they really want to reduce CO2 wouldn’t it be simpler to just plant trees?

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