19 January 2009


The new administration is arriving with what seems to be a split personality and a degree of mystery, chiefly regarding Obama himself. His history shows a man who has been consistently left-wing, yet he has stated he wants to be “post-partisan,” and seems to be moving towards the center. He is in many respects a blank slate people have projected various wishes and feelings upon, anointed with greatness by the media before he has actually accomplished anything. It is worth noting that McCain was a POW more than twice as long as Obama served in the Senate, and when he finishes his first term it will be the longest time he has held one job. The real question for a man who set up his Office of the President-Elect with his own seal, is whether he is an empty suit whose idea of the presidency consists of the ceremonial trappings of office, or something more substantial.

As far as the split personality goes, on the one hand he has appointed relative moderates to finance, defense, and security positions, but on the other committed leftists in the environment, justice, and labor fields, not to mention the FDA, all of which spells trouble for business and economic activity. This could mean that the B team frustrates everything the A team is trying to accomplish in reviving the economy through mandates, overregulation, rules, and restrictions. This is made all the worse by a liberal-dominated Democratic congress determined to push hard left on a whole range of issues. 

It is hard to see how economic recovery is possible if they are intent on eviscerating the petroleum, coal, and pharmaceutical industries in favor of an industrial policy that decides what industries to support, such as subsidizing “green” industries for which there is no evident market, and thus picking winners and losers. The biggest losers will be the taxpayers. In fact we may already be seeing a “capital strike” forming as the productive are forced to support the unproductive with priorities given over to “community” organizations and race, gender, and class pervasive in all decisions. 

For better or worse we now have the most left-wing government in American history. Ironically this may only be moderated and tempered by Obama himself. At this point we can only wish him well in this.

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