05 January 2009


Here in New York the big story continues to be Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s quest for Hillary Clinton’s senate seat. Such blatant self-promotion in public is virtually unheard of, even in this egocentric, celebrity-centered age. It is unabashed chutzpah. There was a time when people would maintain some measure of dignity and wait to be called upon by others based upon their virtue. 

Her father once remarked that Richard Nixon had “no class.” The same is obviously true of his airhead daughter, who seems incapable of expressing a sustained thought without a series of “you knows” (168 times in an interview) in between left-wing clichés. It is also unfortunate that this family clan has strayed far from where her father was on the political spectrum. JFK was a moderate in ideology as well as in his administration. He favored a strong defense, tax cuts, etc. However, Bobby became radicalized in the 1960’s and the phony theme of martyrdom for liberalism became amplified. 

That is apparently why the Triboro bridge has been renamed RFK by politicians who had nothing to do with it. Logically if it were named after anyone it would be Roosevelt or LaGuardia, since it was built in their era. Anyway it always is still going to be the Triboro Bridge to me. 

It is also worth noting that it was only seven years from JFK’s announcement to an actual visit to the moon. It is a testament to the breathtaking incompetence of NY politicians that seven years after September 11 there is still nothing at ground zero.

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