20 January 2024


After a couple of relatively mild winters, cold and snow have returned here to the mid-Atlantic USA. People in other places, particularly Europe, and for that matter California, simply don’t grasp how severe weather conditions are in much of this country, and hence how important SUV’s are to a good segment of the population. Or worse, how the present regime doesn’t care and wants to punish people for the rational choices they make thanks to their prevailing ideological lunacy. 

As a result we have been forced to provide billions of dollars in subsidies for wealthier people to purchase electric cars that are virtually useless in these kinds of weather conditions, and will be so for the foreseeable future. Our tax dollars have been further diverted to enrich their green, crony capitalist supporters and at the same time to attack and undermine the basic natural resource industries that created much of the wealth in this country.  Our greatest advantage is our abundance of these materials, which they have done everything possible to discourage and raise the cost of. They are happy with the increased cost of oil even though it permeates our economy and is the most important driver of inflation apart from out-of-control government deficit spending. 

How much more will it take before people fully realize how wrong these charlatans have been and the extent to which their claim to know far more than they actually do know has caused so much needless pain among ordinary people?

In a rational world if a climate problem were perceived and it was decided to “transition” away from fossil fuels that power everything, would it not make sense to do so only when the technology was easily and widely available at minimum additional cost? Would it not make sense to have instead focused on encouraging a truly transitional technology, like hybrids, that are far less disruptive, inconvenient, or costly for people who live in the present world? Would it not make sense to encourage, but not subsidize the development of electric vehicles that simply are not ready for the day to day reality people live with now, and before they are anywhere near as cost-efficient as gas powered vehicles? Is it not possible that in the not -too-distant future even better alternatives may be found, given constant technological change? 

The government has essentially taken control of the American auto industry for years now with disastrous results for those once great companies. Great change only makes sense, and only works if it is developed organically in response to an actual need of the user population. In other words, if something comes along that can run more efficiently, more economically, and less costly than the present mode of transportation it makes sense and is to be welcomed. But when it is something that costs more, not less, provides no real benefit to anyone other than those receiving government funds, and on top of that doesn’t even work as promised it is utter lunacy, and as wrong-headed as every other policy of the current regime. 

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