12 June 2023


The recent super smoke particles coming down from Canada a few days ago that smothered us here on the East Coast illustrates the folly of the climate change cult. Some less intelligent people were claiming this was due to global warming, when forest fires are in fact a recurring natural phenomenon and no such connection has been established. 

I think it shows us two things: 1. A nuclear attack anywhere is going to affect everyone everywhere as it permeates the atmosphere. Something far away can still reach you. 

2. More importantly it is insane to keep self-destructing over “climate change” when just one big volcano could easily blanket the earth completely and significantly lower temperatures for years, and of course volcanos are completely natural phenomena.  It has happened many times in the past, including in recorded history. There are plenty of volcanos around the world that could pop at any time and change the whole climate trajectory. So it was that volcanos on the other side of the world ushered in the “little ice age” in Europe. In recent times we have been fortunate enough to have not experienced a super-volcano. But sooner or later another one will occur, people will be bundling up heavily, the sky will darken, and crops will fail. 

The only people benefiting from this climate hysteria are the green crony capitalists gobbling up many of your tax dollars when not sending them off to China, where they could care less about climate. It is one of the greatest scams in history. 

Furthermore volcanos are only one natural phenomenon among many that could radically change things. It is folly to prepare for many decades in the future based upon current assumptions. That is simply "presentism," and consistently wrong. What exists today will be gone tomorrow given constant change. It is going to take a lot of effort to undo the damage they have done our environment with shortsighted green projects like windmills that are killing millions of birds, and probably more and more whales as well. The hardest part is reversing the brainwashing that has been going on for the past few decades. Kids today have swallowed this whole and accept it as gospel, when it is full of holes. When this all becomes more obvious many, many people are going to be angered by the extent to which they have been bamboozled.  

Photo my wife took from our house on the Long Island Sound.

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