03 January 2022


The government is going to be sending out another round of "stimulus" checks to some, but no all people that will be exceedingly generous. I'm not miffed because I'm not eligible to get anything, but because there is no rational basis whatsoever for this action at this time. This money, or should I say "funny money" is either created out of thin air by printing it, which means that the money you have is worth less (i.e. inflation), or it will be based on yet more debt that coming generations will have to pay, or out of higher taxes for those that can still pay. This Covid bonus is illegitimate and ill conceived. It should have been targeted only to those who have actually been hurt by government policies, i.e. the restaurant industry, at a far lower cost. The future of this country is being squandered by an incredibly wasteful array of ill-conceived spending, and this really tops it off. The spoils may be shared broadly but the cost will be born narrowly.

Furthermore this is a terrible precedent we are now, apparently getting used to. It does nothing but encourage dependency with a nod from your friendly Democratic Party representative. More and more the message from the Biden administration is clear: do what we tell you to do and we will take care of you. It is clearly a case of trying to entrap more people into dependency, and therefore into Democrat voters. It is a brilliantly insidious maneuver. Who is going to say no to free money?

The problem is that free money becomes funny money and the inflation we are seeing now will only get worse until the whole system collapses, unless we reverse course, which is going to be harder and harder to do. This kind of spending will only usher in 1970s level inflation, and nobody wants that.  

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