04 June 2016


One of the ongoing nuisances of the Left is their propensity to manufacture issues in places where there were none. This is evident in the latest “controversy” over transgenderism, instigated by President Obama in the waning days of his administration, when he oh-so-boldly mandated that high schools across the entire country allow transgendered students to use the bathrooms of their sexual identity. There is nothing especially offensive about this in and of itself. What is intolerable is the administration’s attempting to dictate this, threatening to withhold funds from states and school districts that don’t comply with the Edict of Trans; never mind that these clowns have totally ignored the really serious violations of “sanctuary cities” openly defying federal law with impunity and facing no consequences. 

Republican legislatures predictably took the bait and started passing state laws mandating the opposite; i.e. that students must use the lavatories designated for their sexual identity at birth. Meanwhile I’m not aware of reporters finding a single transgendered high school student in the entire country suffering from lavatory discrimination; they are simply too young to have crossed over in any significant numbers. But liberals have never met a minority they don’t like, so the transgendered are the latest cause, never mind that they are but a fraction of 1% of the American population, yet have become the focus of attention of no less than the President of the United States, who has made a fool of himself as a result. One has to wonder what is left for progressives to minoritize now. Are fetishes next? 

The absurdity of all of this is brought home by a simple question: what were they doing before this “controversy” erupted? Transgendered people have been around for as long as sex-change operations have been viable and presumably were getting by without much controversy until liberals discovered and minted their “minority” status. The result is that we now have restrooms with all sorts of screwy sexual symbols that essentially mean the same thing as a bathroom with no gender identity, which have typically been found all along. What is the point of the stupid symbols if it is simply a bathroom anyone can use? There is none; it is an ideological statement to assuage the emotions of the left. That is the reason it ought to be opposed. We’ve had enough of this loony ideological assault on common sense. 

Even more annoying is the trend of corporations quickly adapting or caving to left-wing pressure, based on say, all of twenty emails,  in order to maintain their “progressive” self-image. The notion that corporations are still associated with the right these days is quaint, given their behavior, as many have gone out of their way to impose Obama-like mandates on their companies, or have even gone so far as to threaten moving facilities from states that don’t comply. Sooner or later there is going to be a reckoning on this, because the left is simply vastly outnumbered by the right. Either the right will neutralize this or start making their own demands, boycott threats, etc. to pressure companies in their direction. The truth is corporations have no business responding to political pressure of any kind; their business ought to be business, period. 

As for the transgendered, those having sex changes are mostly men, so the reality is whether a person formally a man now identifying as a woman, and so attired, ought to be able to use the ladies room. I really don’t see the problem. Ladies rooms consist of private stalls, so how they do their actual business is private. If someone is dressed as a woman, conveys themselves in that fashion, and wishes to be so identified, so be it. It would be more absurd to force someone with the appearance of a woman to walk into the mens room. There were no issues her before. But what this idiotic President has done is to open a can of worms since it provides the basis for anyone to claim they are whatever they want, and for non-transgendered men to enter the ladies room. It may even have the opposite effect of that intended, by increasing hostility to transgendered people. It is further pointless since they presumably were adapting to conditions and getting by well enough before all this erupted, to no good end. 

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