25 August 2012


Neil Armstrong was one of the very few men of our time who was truly great.  He was great not because he was the first man to walk on the moon, but because he never did anything to exploit that fact.  How many of today's dismal celebrities would have the character to deny themselves all the lucrative opportunities that could have been his? Rather than try to benefit himself, he lived his life with integrity and quiet modesty, despite his achievement, or really because of it. For he knew that he had been given a singular, special role in history, and he always conducted himself with dignity and a maturity appropriate to his achievement. He deserves the admiration of people everywhere for his accomplishments as well as how he handled them. He remains an exemplary example of how a good man conducts himself in life. How much better our world would be if more people emulated him. We should all pause to salute the passing of this great man. 

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