18 July 2012


It is just incredible that a President of the United States would state that business people are not responsible for their own success, based on the assumption that the government makes this possible. On that basis, he argues further, the government is entitled to a larger share of their earnings in order to spread the wealth. This is outright socialism, and an unprecedented attitude on the part of the chief executive, who apparently has gone off the deep end. Does he really think the radical left is going to re-elect him, along with minorities? He has pursued a divisive strategy of pitting groups against each other that is unworthy of high office. He has exceeded presidential powers in issuing decrees that override the will of congress. He has successfully intimidated the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with veiled threats. The list goes on and on, as it becomes evident that for the first time in the history of this country we have a genuine radical in the White House.
He and his followers regard the constitution as a nuisance and hindrance to their great plans, rather than as the ironclad law of the land. But the result of his policies is an economy that is stalling and a nation in decline. As a result we are facing a capital strike, as corporations with a great deal of cash on their balance sheets refuse to invest in this country, unsurprisingly, given the anti-business rhetoric and policies of this administration. I try to avoid being partisan, but we are on the path to disaster and terminal decline under this administration and I cannot ignore that reality. I am frankly baffled as to how the election could even be close at this point even with a lackluster opposition candidate. Perhaps we really are seeing a divide between the producers and the takers, when half the country pays no income tax and huge numbers rely on government support.
If this continues the country will soon be unrecognizable and we will pass over the cliff to the point of no return. There is little chance of economic recovery if these policies continue, and our standing in the world will be irreversibly diminished. This election will truly determine what kind of country we are going to be, and whether that which we have held dear throughout our lives is going to survive. If re-elected, we can expect an acceleration of these trends via an unfettered presidency. This has never been a radical country, but what has thus far been implemented by stealth will become overt and inexorable. There is only one way to avoid this now, and that is to elect a new President.

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