15 June 2011


I think Facebook is going to wind up being an ephemeral phenomenon just like many other “hot” things that have been part of the Internet. There was old AOL that actually did it all better with a minimum of hassle in its time, then MySpace, and then... -you get the idea. They appear to be changing processes and rules only to make it worse. For example, I used to get a lot more feedback on blog posts there, but then it mysteriously tapered off.

It turns out that your posts are no longer being seen by many, if not most of your friends. Due to some sort of formula they are now only visible to people who you have recently interacted with. So unless you spend all your time on Facebook "interacting" with particular individuals they don’t see your posts. This means they are following everything you do to get this information for their algorithm. This also means your friends are not seeing your posts either unless they tweak a setting on Facebook. This is ridiculous and defeats the whole point of the network.

There is a fix for this as explained here. I urge everyone reading this to follow the instructions to adjust their accounts so that we can continue to communicate. The more rules they throw on here the more irritating they become and the more they are going to alienate people.

Forward this to your friends to correct this nonsense.

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  1. I agree! It is almost like there is a constant Facebook Gestapo or something. The other night, I was being harassed by these three religious nuts on the various HLN news show pages. They started reporting some of us and WE were blocked for two days from posting on public forums! Meanwhile, they were free to go on to harass other people during those two days. WTF???