11 May 2010


Nihilism is an affliction gripping the west, particularly in elite circles. It is rampant among liberals and the Left in the U.S.A., as well as much of Europe. It is characterized by a loss of faith- faith in God, faith in one’s country, its culture and history, as well as its institutions. For those of this mindset there is nothing to believe in, everything is relative, and the nation’s history is all bad. They are contemptuous of those who love their country and have simple faith, because they presumably know better. In Europe this is the result of two world wars and a completely secular outlook. For the American Left, the country was founded and is based on racism, genocide, and religious fanaticism. Thus the reaction of the mainstream media to recent headlines is characteristic of this attitude.

Initially there was an impression that the Times Square bomber was a “white man,” based on a fuzzy video image. There were actually expressions of disappointment when it turned out to be yet another Muslim. Then there were expressions of sympathy regarding his foreclosed home, never mind that he could afford to take several trips to Pakistan where he linked up with the Taliban. This man intended to kill as many innocent civilians as possible, yet the liberal media downplayed his evil intent given guilt over our presumed “shortcomings.”

Then there is the case of the five students who had the temerity to wear American flag decorated clothing on “cinco de Mayo.” In order to avoid potentially offending Mexican students they were actually sent home by the loony liberal school administrators. Even the San Francisco area district superintendent found this to be unwarranted. But again we have hyper “sensitivity” to possibly offending minorities rather than encouraging them to assimilate into this society.

In Europe Greeks were on the street throwing a tantrum at austerity measures designed to reduce an unsustainable public debt with ripple effects all across Europe and the markets. This is only the tip of the iceberg as most European states come to grips with unsustainable welfare states financed by public debt, while lacking population growth sufficient to pay it off. They are simply not having children and face an actual population decline, coupled with increasing unassimilated Muslim minorities. Why is this? Because they have no faith in the future, in their country, in themselves and thus they choose to live only for today with what amenities they can obtain. Nihilism pure and simple.

These sentiments are shared by the American left, which has similar behavior patterns and attitude. Unfortunately the nihilistic sentiment goes beyond the left, as much of the American population of European descent fails to reproduce itself. The spending and policies of the administration would move us ever closer to the European welfare state model, which is morally, politically, and financially bankrupt in the long run. The conditions in Europe should serve as a warning of what is to come unless this direction is reversed. We must stop the spread of this disease of increasing government dependency, trashing of western civilization, and indulgence of every minority demand. We must just say no to nihilism.

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