14 March 2010


“Racism” is a term that gets bandied about very loosely these days to the point that it is virtually meaningless. This society is described as “racist” by leftists and black militants, but the truth is if anything it is profoundly anti-racist. That is why “racist” is about the worst thing you can call anyone, and once stung with it the consequences for careers can be devastating. Of course this is a term that can only be ascribed to whites. But the term is used so loosely today that it has come to mean little more than “unfair.”

Given the pervasiveness of this paradigm it is not surprising that the goofy actor Tom Hanks would describe the Pacific war as “racist,” on our part, and apparently so is the war on terror. Never mind that even if you construed this war as something on Islam it would not be in any sense racial. As for the Pacific, Hanks ignorance is truly breathtaking. Given the liberal mindset it is not possible for anyone other than white people to be racist, so it never occurs to them that the Japanese were in fact truly racist in their approach to the war. The regime regarded their race as superior to everyone else and thus their occupation of other countries was brutal. Furthermore they attacked us, and it was their own policy not to surrender and to die to the last man. On 9/11 we were also attacked.

It is unfortunate that there is a segment of this society that promulgates the view that this country was founded on “racism and genocide,” and unfortunately they occupy positions of influence in education and entertainment. Thus they warp and trash our history and encourage every minority to have some kind of grievance. This is the tragedy of our times. Our children are being fed lies by political fanatics, when the truth is there is no more open society in history. The “facts on the ground” belie this depiction and it is high time we stood up and disregarding the fear of being called “racist” and say enough!

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  1. Racism and bigotry are two different things, but remain, in our "new-speak", unfairly interchangeable.

    Racism is nothing more than a desire to be around people who are just like yourself...and most people are inherently racist. Asians prefer to be around other Asians, Irish congregate with other Irish, Italian communities are tight knit, and Puerto Ricans are usually living in close proximity to one another. Nobody calls a Puerto Rican racist because he doesn't live with Caucasians or Asians, do they?

    Bigotry is another thing altogether...hating another race or religion because they are different is not racist, it's bigoted.

    Lucky for me, I'm never guilty of either racism or bigotry...I personally hate everybody equally.