25 July 2009


When Pres. Obama described the arrest of his friend Henry Louis Gates by the Cambridge police as “stupid,” without knowing all the facts he did not anticipate the impact the story would have. It is a relatively slow news cycle and days later the story is still top news. He managed to overshadow his health care pitch with these ill-chosen words, and continued to make matters worse with partial retractions, and then inviting both parties to the White House for a beer, which is sure to keep the story alive until that meeting. Even the official liberal media ran with the story, which indicates that he is not the “post-racial” President he claimed he would be.

Henry Louis Gates, head of Harvard’s black studies (or “African and African-American” as they call it) department behaved obnoxiously with the police investigating an attempted burglary at his house, calling them names and charging there was some racial motivation for their actions. He once did a PBS show on Africa, where you heard more about racism than Africa, the kind of mindset that sees “racists” under every rock. He’s a little man with a big mouth, telling the police they have no idea who they are dealing with.

Instead of responding with no comment, Obama indicated the incident shows that there is still “racism” that “we” need to deal with, despite his own election. This reaction is unsurprising from a man whose wife majored in “black studies,” sat through Reverend Wright’s sermons for twenty years, and spent a lot of time not transcending race but developing a “black consciousness” evident even in his own writings. Despite this background he was able to win election as a congenial, inoffensive candidate, in good measure because McCain stupidly would not let these issues be raised in the campaign lest he be called “racist.” But the real racists are those who are racially obsessed, see nonexistent “racism” in daily life, and use this as an excuse to invoke the power of the state to “correct” it. So we have the promotion of “affirmative action” (i.e. anti-white) programs even in pending health care legislation, to assure not equality of access or opportunity, but equality of results. The more this stuff comes around, the more evident it will become that a black community organizer was never suitable for the presidency. .

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