06 March 2009


Yesterday the “International Criminal Court” issued an arrest warrant for Omar al-Bashir, the President of Sudan on charges of war crimes in the Darfur region. Mr. Bashir may richly deserve condemnation for his evil deeds in office, however he is a head of state and as such should not be subject to a supranational entity in the absence of any consensus. Abuse of power is not the question, but rather whether this should be a political decision of the powers that be and that actually have the power to enforce the decree, (i.e. the Security council),or a legal statement by an unelected judiciary accountable to no one.

The United States, for good reason is not a party to the International Criminal Court. Ominously Barack Obama is considering joining. This would result in American officials and military personnel being charged with “crimes against humanity” by radical left-wing groups, possibly with the support of sympathetic governments. As a result American citizens could be seized in foreign countries and be tried on bogus charges by a tribunal over which we have no control. The proper response to such an act of war should be to send in the troops, not hand them over. Americans must rise up against this denigration of our sovereignty and let Obama know we strongly oppose any such capitulation.

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